Essays by Barbara Fass Leavy have been published in scholarly journals and later anthologized in collections, or have been singled out for review.

The content of those essays has directly or indirectly influenced Leavy's writing of The Fiction of Ruth Rendell, especially Rendell's "Fey Girls", her treatment of inherited disease and themes concerning gender.

"Iseult of Brittany: A New Interpretation of Matthewe Arnold's Tristram and Iseult," included in Arthurian Women, ed. Thelma S. Fenster.

"Hedda Gabler and the Huldre," included in Henrik Ibsen, ed. Harold Bloom.

 "Wilkie Collins' The New Magdalen and the Folklore of the Kind and the Unkind Girls," included in Wilkie Collins To the Forefront: Some Reassessments., ed. Nelson Smith and R. C. Terry.

"Wilkie Collins' Cinderella: The History of Psychology and The Woman in White."

"Christina Rossetti and St. Agnes' Eve."


"The most important critical essay on Arnold's poetry this year is Barabara Fass Leavy's 'Iseult of Brittany: A New Interpretation."
        Victorian Poetry

"[One of the two] very best essays in these three volumes [is] Barbara Fass Leavy's article "Wilkie Collins's Cinderella: The History of Psychology and The Woman in White."
        Victorian Studies

"... almost all [Collins's] fiction is concerned with medical theory and practice" ... See especially Barbara Fass Leavy's "Wilkie Collins's Cinderella."
        Helen Small, Love's Madness:Medicine, the Novel, and Female Insanity.

"[Among the] best of the recent critical essays are Barabara Fass, "Christina Rossetti and St. Agnes' Eve."
        Victorian Studies

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