How I Will Save You Time
Posted by Barbara Leavy on Feb 21 2011, 10:13 PM
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The first and shorter abstract will be just that, short.  But it will perhaps be enough to convince some of my visitors to this forum rthat they are not ready to read the whole essay.

For those who are unsure, the second abstract will supply more detail and will probably be sufficient to persuade my users one way or another.

The second abstract has a further advantage.  It will spell out just where the discussion itself is going and in this way will serve as a guide.  I am a great believer in writing according to an anecdote about  fervent preachers.  They will tell their congregation what they have to say, then say it, and then reiterate what they have said. 

I hope I am not that mechanical.  But I advocate clarity and there is some rhetorical wisdom in this analogy.  I appreciate knowing the main thrust of  the non-fiction that I read, and I take for granted that readers of my work will appreciate the same guidance. 

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