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My Forum will be the site on which I post essays in criticism on crime fiction. The Forum was designed by my son, Steven Widom, in order to supply a permanent and growing Table of Contents (Subjects) so that visitors can easily find the titles of the essays and mysteries, with brief descriptions of content. Below will be brief instructions on how to access this Table of Contents. Meanwhile, please meet one of your fellow users, Margot, who sat through the design and building of this forum by Steve. She shared our excitment in it!

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Think of the three major categories--The Literary Mystery, Ruth Rendell's Fiction, Crime Fiction and Culture--as drawers in a filing cabinets.  To click on any of these is to open the "file drawer" in which there are "folders," each of which is an essay in criticism. Peruse the titles and description of the contents in these folders until you find the one you wish to read.  By clicking on it, you will come to a window that allows you to click on Posting (so far I do not have subtopics). That will bring you to two abstracts that will allow you to decide if you wish to read the entire essay. If the first and simpler abstract interests you, go on to the second abstract. If you then wish to read the entire essay, click on "Read more." 
N/A The Literary Mystery 11 5

Drawing on the work of John T. Irwin, I am defining the literary mystery as one you would reread even if you remember whodunit or some other surprise ending.  Literary mysteries are multi-dimensional, encompassing significant themes and, complex character development. They also exhibit fine writing. Crime writers use allusions, explicit or otherwise, to evoke a connection to other literary works, emphasizing the traditions within which they are writing.. They often explore various cultures through myth, folklore, legends. Literary mysteries raise questions about such subjects as human nature, the existence of evil, and the  psychopathology of the criminal mind. 

N/A Ruth Rendell's Fiction 0 1
Quite simply, this category wll contain essays on  subjects not discussed in THE FICTION OF RUTH RENDELL: ANCIENT TRAGEDY AND THE MODERN FAMILY.  
N/A Crime Fiction and Culture 3 3
These essays will focus on the way culture informs many mysteries.  Authors may set their fiction in faraway places or in their own countries if the locale exhibits different traditions from neighboring areas.  They may also depict the culture of a particular group, such as those in the world of horseracing, or--as anothe example--a homeless population that finds itself at odds with the dominant residents of an area and struggles to create a culture that defines them in more positive ways. These essays will also survey the different ways CULTURE is thought of and how CULTURE differs from CIVILIZATION.

This subject is intended to allow me to write brief descriptions of Poisoned Pen Press books that I have read.  The postings will resemble book reviews.  Some of these postings will at a future date become essays or conversations in which I will interview PPP authors who will discuss their books.

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