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N/A Outsiders in Africa, STRANGE GODS by Annamaria Alfieri Barbara Leavy
Abstract 1

STRANGE GODS is a mystery with an intriguing puzzle that ends with a very unexected solution to a crime.  The setting is the British Protectorate in East Africa in 1911.  A physician who tends to the sick at the hospital attached to the Church of Scotland mission is killed wth a Maasai sword, but a Kikuyu medicine man is accused of the murder, even though a Kikuyu would not have used a Maasai weapon.  Meanwhile the acting head of the police is determined to convict and hang the medicine man and one of the main characters, policeman Justin Tolliver, is determined that the accused not be railroaded into an execution.  Whether Tolliver can solve the crime and prevent injustice is a large part of the suspense in Alfieri's mystery.

Abstract 2

In addition to the story, STRANGE GODS depicts the taking over of what would become Kenya by the British, who appropriate the natives' land and turn the natives into their servants. They feel justified in doing so because they are assuming what Kipling called the white man's burden and are civilizing what they are convinced are savages.  The main characters in this crime novel, however, are not only torn between opposing cultures but belong to neither as they try to negotiate their way between them.  To one degree of another, they are outsiders to bot sides and sometimes to themselves.

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