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N/A "I Got the Horse Right Here"; John McEvoy's PHOTO FINISH Barbara Leavy
Abstract 1
In this fast-paced mystery with an unusual plot structure, John McEvoy brings together a group of interesting characters whose conflicts will keep the reader turning pages to find out what happens.  It is not a question of whodunit but who is likely to do it and to whom. Will the victim be a trainer who has had to fire now angry and resentful people; a jockey who would never throw a race; a female veterinarian whose ex-lover feels vengeful; or even a horse whose ugly name Plotkin in no way describes him and whose promise as a prize-winner threatens the ability of others to make money.  At the heart of the plot is a female jockey who has come from Ireland to race, and in the exciting climax of the book races against her own brother, an internationally famous jockey.
Abstract 2
Readers will learn a lot about the world of horse racing from this book.  But what this discussion will argue is that  from Photo Finish emerges an entire picture of a unique culture.  Like all cultures this one is based on a commonality among those associated with the sport. But among them exist hierarchies and There are rules that they all must obey and consequences if they don’t. Horse racing also has its regularly enacted rituals. Like other cultures, it also has its stories and legendary figures, such as Eddie Arcaro. Who is and is not telling these stories is an interesting feature of McEvoy’s mystery. 


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