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N/A A Conversation With Triss Stein About Her Erica Donato Series Barbara Leavy
Abstract 1

Because I was born in Brooklyn and lived there for the first seventeen years of my life, I expected that reading Brooklun Bones and Brooklyn Graves would allow me to rrevisit some of my early life.  And it did.  But there were surprises in store fo me. First, although I knew that the near-slum neighborhood to which I was taken to live after being born had becomes gentrified to the point where its once run-down brownstone houses were being bought for seven figures and were being renovated at great expense, I had not realized the magnitude of the change. Second, I discovered that Erica Donato, the main character of the series had so much in common that I experienced a true shok of recognition with this discovery.

Abstract 2

Erica Donato is a young widow with an adolescent daughter whom she must raise alone.  To this end she goes t college to qualify as a secondary school teacher.  Encouraged by her professors, however, she becomes a scholar and is working on a PhD while earning money working in a Brooklyn historical museum.  Drawn into two murder investigators, Erica not only tries to solve crimes but must do so without jeopardizing her job and while dealing with the adolescent angst of he daughter Chris.  In this conversation with Triss Stein, we explore her background as a writer, her responses to changest in Brooklyn, and where her series might go. The conversation will also discuss the similarities between my life and Erica's, although the emphasis will be on what Stein has to say about her work.
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