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N/A Blogs and Mystery: Reading Michael Kahn's THE FLINCH FACTOR Barbara Leavy
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In this eighth in his Rachel Gold mystery series, Michael Kahn delivers and exciting book that is also thought provoking for readers that choose to pause over the ethical situations faced by Rachel, a lawyer, a widow, a mother, a step-mother. But the essence ofr the book is its puzzle, how two seemisngly unrelated cases Rachel takes on are actually closely related.  The overriding puzzle is how Rachel is going to prove this relationship and bring to justice criminals who seem to have the law on their side.  The book is also very funny. In it is Benny, modeled on Shakespeare's Falstaff, supplies much of the humor as he serves as Rachel's sidekick in investigating murders and unethical real estate deals.

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Michael Kahn writes regular blogs for Poisoned Pen Press and his own website, www.michaelakahn.com. These blogs, written by a lawyer by day and crime fiction writer by night, are very literate, many of them dealing with the writing techniques Kahn has mastered  so well.  The blogs also serve as signposts for analyzing the multi-dimensional features of THE FLINCH FACTOR.  It is an exciting, suspenseful book that also supplies thought-provoking subjects for those readers who want to pause over them. This discussion  will touch on all aspects of the book: the puzzles that are the plot; the memorable, sometimes zany characters; the cultural elements (Rachel seeks but does not always find help in the Jewish tradition in which she was raised); the writing techniques employed by Kahn; and the sometimes laugh-aloud humor that will appeal to mystery readers.  Read More...
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