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N/A A Sample Discussion of a Ruth Rendell Novel 0 2
You may want to look at how I approach my topics as a literary critic.  I have deliberately chosen as an example what I think is a major novel by Ruth Rendell (in this case, written under her pseudonym,  Barbara Vine). It departs so far from the usual expectations of a mystery that it remains a challenge even to Ruth Rendell fans. The novel is THE BLOOD DOCTOR and you can find it by going to the Ruth Rendell subject. (Note: I am posting this intent on April 2, 2011, and it may be a couple of weeks before I post my actual discussion of this Rendell novel.) In the meantime, under the subject of The Literary Mystery, I have posted an essay on Walter Mosley's DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS, including two abstracts, a short one and a longer one.  At some point, any essay-length posting can serve as an example of how I approach literary subjects.  These will be found under three subjects: The Literary Mystery; Ruth Rendell; and Crime Fiction and Culture.  I hope you will visit my forum frequently to see what the latest literary discussions are.
N/A Instructions on how to read the postings that interest you. 0 0
My first priority has been to post content, so that I can start writing and you can start replying. Click on Overall Design of Forum (return to my home page and click on Forum to find this subject) and I will describe how my forum resembles a filing cabinet, with drawers (subjects), folders (topics), and sheets of paper inside the folders (postings). I will give you step-by-step instructions on an illustrative topic and you will learn  how to proceed if a subject or topic interests you.  

But this site is still under progress, with refinements and additions in the process of being implemented.  If you have trouble accessing content, please go back to my home page and click on Contact.  Send me a message.  I will relay the problem to my administrator and get back to you by e-mail as soon as I can.

Thank you for any patience that may be required.  Don't give up on me!
N/A Learn about Me 0 6
You may want to know about my professional background, as well as the books and some of the essays I have already published, in order to visit or use this forum with some assurance that I have the qualifications to explore the subjects I will discuss with you.  
N/A My Participation in a Ruth Rendell Discussion Group run by Yahoo 0 2
For the better part of a year, I have participated in an on-line discussion group whose members have provided me with many insights about Ruth Rendell and about the other authors and topics we discuss.  This group has been to a large degree the inspiration behind this forum.
N/A My Tone in this Forum 0 3
Although I am perhaps by training and by many years publishing in academic journals usually very formal in my tone, I find as an advantage to interactively posting on my forum  my ability to "loosen up."
N/A Overall Design of Forum 0 0

If you have not already done so, return to my home page, click on Forum, and choose from the subjects the one that describes the design of this forum and supplies a step-by-step set olf instructions for how to access topics and postings that are of interest to you.

N/A Registration and Privacy Matters 0 1
Click here to get to the posting concerning my requests about your use of my content, and my assurance that I will respect your privacy and never give your name to any individual or company for the purpose of their soliciting you. . You may reply to me as Anonymous, with initials, with a first name only, or with your full name. Even I will not know who you are unless you wish to make yourself known to me. A full privacy statement will follow. 
N/A This Forum's Content 0 1
I think of this forum as a hybrid, a cross between a blog, to which you can reply if you are a registered user, and a place where I will be talking about literature, mainly mysteries, as I formerly did in published essays and books. What I will be posting will essentially be what I would write in an essay or part of a book.  But this forum allows you to reply and therefore establishes a relationship between us that I could only rarely get from a reader of my offline published work (unless I received a letter). See my posting for how I have devised a way of using abstracts of a long posting to spare you the need to read anything longer than you have time to read, and to allow you to avoid discussions that do not really interest you.  On the other hand, if you have time and are interested, these abstracts will help you to better follow me in the longer posting.  To see how this will work, go to the topic that says "A Sample Discussion of a Ruth Rendell novel."  
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