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N/A Will the Real Barbara Leavy Stand Up Barbara Leavy

You may run into a confusion in names if you try to learn about me on Google.  I will not get much sympathy from committed feminists, who will say this confusion is of my making.

N/A Where Else Beside Google Can You Find Out About Me? Barbara Leavy

You may want to know something about my professional qualifications to create and run this forum.  Information about me can be found in several ways and on several sites.

N/A What Kind of Literary Criticism Do I Practice? Barbara Leavy

I tend toward a traditional form of literary criticism in which it is assumed that there is a text, even if it contains many ambiguities and the potential for differing interpretations.  I contend that you and I can discuss this text and explore its meanings.

N/A Who Google Thinks I Am Barbara Leavy
Using whatever automated system it does, Google has me listed in so many different ways that even I cannot find out about myself.  Read More...
N/A I Write Performance Reviews and Profiles of Performers Barbara Leavy
Aside from my writing on literary subjects, always as Barbara Fass Leavy, I also write for CABARET SCENES, a slick niche publication covering live entertainment in small clubs.  Read More...
N/A Amazon and the Case of the Missing Entries Barbara Leavy
Self-publishing tends to put academics like myself on the defensive.  Did no mainstream or university press want my book on Ruth Rendell?  The answer to that is both yes and no.  No one agreed to publish it; the kind of readers' reports I received were enough to warm my heart or stroke my ego. 

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