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N/A Another Way I Will I "Loosen Up" Barbara Leavy
I will be more subjective. 
N/A The Dangers of Loosening Up By Thinking Aloud Barbara Leavy
If you distinguish between a process, thinking and speculating, and a product, a crystallized thought supported  by evidence, most formal literary criticism is about the end product.  The scholar or critic may do research, sifting through evidence (published or unpublished resources), all the time speculating about meanings and significance, but what that critic puts down on paper is usually the end result, the product and the important support for it.  I will on my forum allow myself the luxury of sometimes thinking aloud, inviting you to listen..  Read More...
N/A I Will Do Less Research Barbara Leavy
Did I really say that!  I, who respect scholarship and my fellow critics!  Who said in another posting that I love my days in the reading room of the New York Public Library, that grand institution flanked by two stone lions on Fifth Avenue in New York City! But my more relaxed tone will have as a concommitant my willingness to post before I have traced down every other piece of writing on my topic.  Read More...
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