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N/A Registration and Privacy Matters Steve Widom
     I am asking that visitors to this Forum who wish to become users and respond to my postings or subscribe to some of them register in order that I may know I am interacting only with those genuinely interested in doing so. I will read your replies carefully but respond only when I feel I have anything further to say.  If you have questions, I will try to answer them or explain why I can't.  If you subscribe to a topic, you will be informed by e-mail when I have a new posting that may interest you.  For example, if I post on a specific Ruth Rendell novel and later have more to say, and if you indicate an interest in that particular novel, you will know I have expanded my discussion of it.

     I am also asking that you treat my Forum as if it were a book.  If you drawn on my discussions for your own work, such as essays you are writing, talks you may deliver, or even papers submitted as class assignments, you should cite me as a source in the accustomed fashion.  If you quote at length from me in a piece of writing you are publishing, please employ fair usage standards.

     In turn, I will respect your privacy, treat your replies as anonymous if you so request, and will never make your identity known to individuals or companies for any purpose whatsoever.

    You need to be registered to this site in order to reply to existing postings, and/or to subscribe to my forum subjects and topics.

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